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English vocabulary

Vocabulary in English is a set of topics that has meaning both in English as well as in your language. For example, vocabulary of fruits in English, animals in English, countries and nationalities in English and among others. In Suvemy we have prepared all these topics with easy examples to learn. Vocabulary in English, this is very important when learning the Language. That is why, on this page you can find different topics today. As for example of colors, families, animals, numbers, fruits, vegetables, routines, zoos and many others.

In addition, all vocabulary topics are included with very simple phrases and examples to understand. We do these to help you understand the meaning of each word, meaning the meanings of colors, families, numbers and many other topics. Also, all of these are based on the American and British teaching strategy which guarantees them to understand easier and communicate with the speakers of these languages.

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English is a very good language to learn, this is due to the best multiple opportunities and benefits offered by this language. According to the latest surveys conducted by The Wall Street Journal, English is one of the most essential requirements to achieve work in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and etc.

About the English Language

English is one of the languages ​​that emerged in the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, United Kingdom, during the 16th century. Since its emergence, the language has become the essential language of communication throughout the English kingdom.

? In which countries does English have its official language?

The countries you have as your official language are. The United States of America, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and etc. In these countries they speak more English than any other language, so that you know the English language very well, it can help you communicate and understand well with the people of these countries. In addition, not only that, you can also get very good opportunities and benefits, thanks for your knowledge in the English language.

? For what things can I learn the English Language?

You can learn this language for many and many reasons. For example, you can learn to study your professional career in other countries such as the United States, Australia and etc. In addition, you can learn to find very good job opportunities and jobs that offer good pay as in the United States, Canada, Australia and among other countries.

Also, you can make an effort to learn this language to go on vacation with your family to other countries such as South Korea, Japan, Singapore or others who also have good knowledge and can help you in the English language without any problem. Finally, you can learn by business, that is to expand your business to other countries such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Etc.

Finally, you can learn for many reasons the English Language, the vocabulary material, grammar and many useful information you will find on this page. Start learning, for the themes of vocabularies.

About the author

I'm sure you're curious about the author of these articles. Well, here comes the writer, designer and programmer of this page. My name is Wilder, I am currently a student and in my free time I dedicate myself to writing content in the English Language with the objective of sharing my knowledge and learning more about the Language.

Personally, I like to listen to k-pop music, watch animes like Dragon Ball Super, run through the park, especially I like to program, design web pages, mobile applications and WordPress themes. Also, I am a person who does things faster, although they are very complicated I always try to put my best effort to solve it in the best way. However, I am not an outgoing person :(, but I try to make an effort to feel good within many people and relate to them.

Finally, create this web page with the objective of sharing my learned knowledge and especially to learn more about the English language. Personally, I consider English as one of the best and first languages ​​to learn, because English is one of the languages ​​that opens many job opportunities, studies, travel and everything you want.