Category: Vocabulary in English with Basic and Advanced examples

Vocabulary in English, this is very important when learning the Language. That is why, on this page you can find different topics today. As for example of colors, families, animals, numbers, fruits, vegetables, routines, zoos and many others.

In addition, all vocabulary topics are included with very simple phrases and examples to understand. We do these to help you understand the meaning of each word, meaning the meanings of colors, families, numbers and many other topics. Also, all of these are based on the American and British teaching strategy which guarantees them to understand easier and communicate with the speakers of these languages.

Is English vocabulary important?

Yes, it is very important in this language, if you learn the vocabulary and you have more than 50% knowledge of English, meaning you can give meanings to things, such as animals, things, time, routines and so on.

In short, on this page you can find different themes, just enter by Google or another for more information on these topics. Enjoy